EDH Ultimate Bravery

What is EDH/Commander?

EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander, or Commander) is a multiplayer format for Magic: The Gathering. Usually played with 4 players, each player chooses a legendary creature as their commander, whom they can always cast, and which determines the colors of mana they are allowed to play with. Click the links above for more details.

Variant EDH Formats

Pauper Commander is a variant format where, rather than using a legendary creature, decks are constructed with any Uncommon creature as the commander, and the rest of the deck must be of Common rarity.

What is this tool?

This tool generates a random deck within specified parameters and outputs it in Cockatrice (.cod) deck format, or the Magic Workstation (.mwdeck) plain text format. The commander will be in the sideboard, with the remaining 99 cards in the mainboard.

It's a lot of fun to have an online group all generate decks and use them. You may be introduced to cards you never would have heard of otherwise that would go well in a constructed EDH deck. It is, perhaps, not recommended to use one of these decks against real constructed decks. Then again, it would certainly be in the spirit of Ultimate Bravery.

How does it work?

UPDATE February 2014: Version 3.0! Now with Pauper! Additionally, backend redesigned to use MtG JSON since Woogerworks changed the formatting of the Cockatrice XML. Frontend redesigned too, while I was at it.

Color Options:
Commander Colors:

Oracle Text

Total Cards: 99  
Lands: Basic:
Spells: Instant:
Creatures: Shares a creature type:
Other Permanents: Planeswalker:
Only match cards from sets:
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